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Preparing Kids for a Family Photo Shoot

May 19, 2024

Fun Tips for Fabulous Photos!

We all know that kids can be unpredictable, but with a sprinkle of preparation and a dash of fun, we can capture those perfect moments you’ll treasure forever. Let’s dive in to Preparing Kids for a Family Photo Shoot!

Make It a Fun Event

Turn the photo shoot into an adventure! Tell your kids you’re going on a fun outing where they get to be the stars. Build up the excitement in the days leading up to the session.

Dress Comfortably

Choose outfits that your kids love and feel comfortable in. Avoid anything too tight or scratchy. When kids are comfy, they’re happy, and happy kids make for the best photos!

Bring Snacks and Drinks

Pack a small bag of their favorite snacks and drinks. A quick snack break can do wonders for keeping spirits high and energy levels up. Acceptable snacks are goldfish, fruit snacks, even better and my personal FAVE: mini-marshmallows! Have a water bottle handy for them, too! Stay away from lollipops or any candy that can stain. We don’t want blue or red teeth! 

Plan for Breaks

Kids have short attention spans, so we’ll plan for little breaks to let them run around and play. These candid moments often turn into the best shots!

Incorporate Favorite Toys

Bring along a favorite toy or two. Not only will it help your child feel more at ease, but it can also make for some adorable, personalized photos.

Practice Poses and Smiles

Have a mini photo session at home. Practice some fun poses and silly faces in front of the mirror. This helps kids get used to being in front of the camera.

Stay Positive and Patient

Kids can sense stress, so keep things light and fun. Patience is key! If they’re not in the mood, we’ll take a break and try again. Truly – NO STRESS. Stress is the one thing you can see in photographs; so we just take a small break, play a game, sing a song and try again.

Embrace the Chaos

Most of the time, the best photos come from the unexpected moments. Embrace the chaos, and don’t worry about getting the “perfect” shot. Authenticity is beautiful!

Trust Your Photographer

Last but not least, TRUST me! I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to engage your kids and capture their true personalities. Relax and enjoy the process.

To sum it up, With these tips on Preparing Kids for a Family Photo Shoot, we’re set for a fun, stress-free photo shoot that’ll leave you with fun some epic memories. 

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